We are looking for those that want to support Assembly.


I created this document to communicate with potential advisors and investors my thinking. As part of Assembly's values of building in the open, I made this document public.


At this stage of development, pre-seed company, I am seeking three types of advisors for Assembly. Potential advisors will be reviewed against the profiles below. Please read Assembly's Mission and Values to be sure we are aligned. I will review every potential advisor against the profiles below. This approach provides a transparent method to communicate what I am looking for and a basis for consistency in evaluating any potential advisor.

In time, I expect the profiles to evolve as Assembly evolves.

User Acquisition Advisors

I am seeking advisors that can assist in increasing user acquisition. I define this as the ability to help Assembly acquire users through the advisor’s activities and network or has strong expertise (either experience or technical) to drive user acquisition.

Examples of technical expertise might be leading teams or programs at major companies where the advisor worked on digital advertising; or can demonstrate success (with numbers) working on technology to scale user acquisition for advertising with tools (e.g., database integration). In either case, we ask that the advisor can demonstrate that success with actual numbers.

Other examples of support might include connecting me to large organizations and national influencers that can expand user acquisition. Or if you have expertise in technology to inform the development of tools to scale user acquisition.

Funder Advisor

I am seeking advisors as lead funders. Lead funders believe in Assembly and will be a champion of the project. As an advocate, lead funders commit to helping me fundraise, connect me to their network for fundraising (e.g., grants, angel investors, venture capital firms, and corporate entities), work closely with the founder on Assembly’s deck and strategy, and can commit to be responsive to “homework” assignments on a somewhat regular basis. Actual commitments (i.e., time) will be defined within the scope of an agreement.

Tech Advisor

I am seeking advisors as technology advisors. A technology advisor commits to providing feedback on the tech stack, connecting me to their network for possible hiring (e.g., CTO or CPO), assist in technology interviews and review of both people and code, and provide guidance and advice for any outsourced software development. Actual commitments (i.e., time) will be defined within the scope of an agreement.


We are using the FAST Advisor structure to frame the level and type of commitment.

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